Start an Employee Campaign

Workplace Employee Campaigns

As we conduct our 2021-2022 Campaign season, it's important to know that we are still assisting you with Employee Campaigns. They just may look different this year, so we are here to give you some suggestions. Your support and the support of your team strengthens our mission to break the cycle of poverty. As a community, we are all mobilizing to help ALICE and will continue to do so.

Below is a brief video from our Executive Director, Angie Matthiessen to share more about our 2021-2022 campaign. 


Here are some materials that can help you get started:

Three ways for employees to participate: 

The first step in planning your employee workplace campaign is to review the virtual campaign toolkit. Read it over and select the steps that apply to you. The other bullet points relate to frequently asked questions. Second, contact your United Way of Charlotte County staff to coordinate messaging, content and a campaign that is customized for your company.

Companies who committed to their Employee Campaign before the end of September are proudly recognized as a pacesetter. They will receive a company digital badge, two complimentary tickets to a VIP reception and special recognition at the Campaign Kickoff. Click here to learn more about becoming a pacesetter. If interested, apply here to commit to helping us have a successful 2022-2023 campaign. 

Please know that we are here for you working hard to support our community. 

Perhaps you are all working from home, or, like us, rotating staff in the office.  If you, your staff or someone you know is struggling, make sure they know help is available.